MISSION How we should conduct ourselves and What we want to accomplish
With our eyewear products, we keep challenging ourselves to produce
new values and offer the world a rich and comfortable lifestyle.

We consider our “Eyewear” products not just something to put on a face but more as the important item among fashion goods.Through our eyewear products, we wish to share joy and happiness with our customers, clients and society.To make this possible, we go back to the drawing board, revamp our style and create an original product that will enhance your lifestyle.Our mission is to create new concepts of our products and showcase to the world Japanese quality and values in our eyewear products

VALUE That help accomplish our missions
To show appreciation to our customers by delivering high quality products
To continue to keep improving our quality, craftsmanship and customer service
To create a spirit of challenge for the best in what we offer to our customers

We have delivered not only quality goods and the best customer service but also a rich and comfortable new perception in life. It all comes from our grateful heart to all the people involved in making our products.With this goal, we keep challenging to create new and original products.

WAY Implementation
To be honest to our customers
To coexist in harmony with employees, customers, clients, the world and the earth
To always keep challenging ourselves in making higher quality products and better customer service
To take pride in ourselves in what we do and act as true professionals 
To always have a grateful heart when conducting business

We value our customers, employees, clients and society. We ask ourselves, “How should we act so we can give joy to customers with a product they will be satisfied with? How should we provide an environment that our employees can work passionately? How do we act so we can instil trust to our clients? How can we contribute to make a better society?” All these things we ask ourselves at all times, and use them as a guidance in making decisions, in our endeavors to make our company bring happiness to all who use our products.

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